Keep inventory of projects and units in one place

Track your projects and units with a management system that integrates with your CRM. An ecosystem built for real estate.
Propflo real estate crm software
Inventory dashboard

Manage your inventory of projects and units

Add your units to a white-labeled dashboard that helps you organize your entire inventory.

Set up your organization as an entity

White-labeled internal dashboard for entities

Add projects, floors, and units manually or import as CSV

Unit tracking

Set unit availability

Assign units as available, sold, booked, or blocked for an overview of your project.

Set balance units’ status as available

Set units as booked for other purposes

Completion checklists

Track unit completion through checklists

Stay on top of unit completion with the help of pre-made and customizable checklists.

Internal inspection checklists to track unit completion for handover

Pre-made and custom checklists

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Organize and manage your projects on one platform

Focus on your business with a project management system that takes care of keeping your unit inventory up to date. Deeply integrated with a CRM that’s built for real estate.

Close sales with intelligence. Build connections that keep coming back.

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