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Build automated workflows to suit your pre-sales, sales, and post-sales process. Cut down on time and resources with AI powered automations that enhance your business operations.
Propflo real estate crm software

Automate and enrich your sales process

Bring the power of automation to your sales process, along with quality of life features that speed up your workflow.

Automatically capture every interaction on a timeline

Make a note of opportunity interactions with custom keywords for better remembrance

Directly schedule meetings with leads from their profile

Artificial intelligence

Leverage AI in lead communications

With AI-powered research, stay on top of lead interactions with information that strikes a chord. Then go in for the sale.

AI generated lead attributes and insights

AI populated lead data from feeds including keywords and professional & personal details

Auto calculated engagement score based on interaction metrics


Set up custom trigger-based actions

Cut down on time by setting up trigger-based pre-sales and post-sales workflow actions.

Automatically move leads to owners

Trigger email sending based on lead activity and interactions

Fully customizable emails and email triggers

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Automate routine tasks with workflows that make life easy

Make your sales workflow more efficient with automations and intelligence. Spend time closing the sale, not doing tasks around it.

Close sales with intelligence. Build connections that keep coming back.

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