Buyer Engagement

Make paperwork convenient and secure for owners

Bid farewell to physical paperwork along with its risks by switching to industry standard document management for convenient, secure, and efficient document collection.
Propflo real estate crm software

Notify buyers about necessary documentation

Send notifications to buyers about upcoming document needs. Push notifications via email, SMS, or our dedicated mobile app.

Custom documentation checklist for buyers

Send notifications about pending document uploads

Relay pending document notifications to buyers

Document cloud

Let buyers upload documents directly to the cloud

With our mobile app, save on time by allowing buyers to securely upload documents to the cloud for easy retrieval.

White-labeled portal and mobile app for document upload

User friendly document upload process

One place for all buyer documents

Security vault

One secure storage for all your legal needs

Built in compliance with industry standard protocols, leave no room for security breaches or legal risks.

Industry standard security for document storage

Reduced risk of document damage or data breach

Up to date with regional compliance measures

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Hassle-free documentation that’s secure and user friendly

Make paperwork easier with a dedicated document upload system that notifies buyers when documents are due.

Close sales with intelligence. Build connections that keep coming back.

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