Add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns

Keep an open line of communication with your leads to stay in their sights. Then, take it further with personalization, automation, and intelligence—all in one place.
Propflo real estate crm software
Campaign builder

One place to build and send messages

Send greetings on the very same platform where you manage your leads. Build campaigns and send greetings as messages or emails to your prospects.

Build marketing email campaigns

Use pre-made templates, customize them, or start from scratch

Send greetings to leads via email, SMS, and more

Automations & personalization

Automate, set triggers, and personalize emails for leads and owners

Add a personal touch to emails with dynamic data. Set triggers to send emails on relevant activity steps, and schedule batch email sending.

Automate email sending based on lead activity

Set email sending based on custom triggers and parameters

Personalize emails with dynamic text

Get started

Make messages and greetings a breeze with automations

Automate, simplify, and personalize your greetings to leads and owners with our inbuilt marketing features.

Close sales with intelligence. Build connections that keep coming back.

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