Buyer Engagement

Manage and engage with buyers on one centralized platform.

Make owner management an integrated part of your workflow. With milestone tracking, handover checklists and notifications, keep owners updated about your operations.
Propflo real estate crm software
Owner management

Dynamic owner management solutions

Make use of a smart CRM to manage your won leads and owners. One ecosystem for your customer management needs.

Auto-move won leads to dedicated owners list

Add owners manually via dashboard or CSV

Login credentials and white-labeled portal for owners

Progress milestones

Progress, milestones, and checklists

Provide owners with an overview of milestones until handover while you keep track of their unit’s completion checklist.

Internal inspection checklists to track unit completion for handover

Pre-made and custom checklists

Ready for handover upon 100% completion of checklist

Completion status notification update for owners

Mobile notifications

Relay notifications via mobile app

Keep your owners up to date with developments and milestone progress until handover.

White-labeled mobile app for owners with credentials

Push notifications via mobile app

Auto-send progress updates via app, email, or SMS

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Keep your buyers updated at every step

With an owner management platform that’s built with your end user’s convenience in mind, let your owners take a breather with updates on every step of the way.

Close sales with intelligence. Build connections that keep coming back.

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