Project Management

Instantly notify buyers about key updates

Take the hassle out of calling your buyers with automated updates about milestones, documents, and payments. All part of your CRM ecosystem.
Propflo real estate crm software
Mobile app

Give buyers a smooth mobile experience

Designed with the end user in mind, our mobile app puts convenience, security and user-friendliness first.

User friendly mobile application

Mobile onboarding for buyers

Set buyer credentials


Send notifications for documents and payments

Easily notify your buyers when documents are needed or payments are due. Cut down on time spent following up.

Send notifications about upcoming document uploads

Send notifications about due or overdue payments

Send notifications via mobile app, email, and SMS


Customize and automate notification sending

Automate notifications based on triggers. Update your buyers via email, SMS, or mobile app.

Customize notification messages

Trigger notifications based on milestone, payment, or document related updates

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Keep owners updated at all times

Improve your customer experience with an open line of communication. Keep your buyers updated on the fly.

Close sales with intelligence. Build connections that keep coming back.

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